Hillbilly Soul

by CPO & Co

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raylene salazar It asked me to pick my favorite but I can't! To much pressure!! I love all three. Can't wait to hear more. Favorite track: We Are Flames.
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Hillbilly Soul, the debut album from CPO & Co., is a rock album that embodies its title with simple heartbreakers only country music gets right, alongside soul tracks, which like the songs of Ray Charles, combine rock and roll, gospel, and rhythm and blues in a way that pulls people to their feet by their hips. Songs like “We are Flames” and “I Can’t Hold Back the Tears” play with the easy rolling melodies and songwriting deftness of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Chris Paul Overall’s (CPO) vocals in “I Don’t Know You Now” are close to angelic, the harmonies saturating. This album invites you to the dance floor in a 1950’s honky-tonk (“Hillbilly Soul”), sings the songs of your broken heart porch-side on a balmy night (“I Could Fall”), and lifts you up, down and all around with the spiritual sway of gospel and blues (“I’m Not Your Man”). Hillbilly Soul boasts great players like guitarist Marc Ford (Black Crowes, Ben Harper), and John Bazz of The Blasters on upright bass, was produced by Antoine Arvizu (Marc Ford and The Neptune Blues Club, Ryan Bingham) and was recorded, mostly live in studio, at The Compound in Long Beach, CA.


released August 21, 2016

produced and engineered by Antoine Arvizu
recorded at The Compound Studios in Long Beach, CA
assistant engineer Jazz Straub

additional recording for “I Can’t Hold Back The Tears” at Fossil Hill Studios in Austin, TX
engineered by Scott Clark

Mastered by Adam Watts

The players
Chris Paul Overall - vocals, acoustic guitar, mellotron, bass on “I Don’t Know You Now” and I Can’t Hold Back The Tears”
Marc Ford - electric guitar
John Bazz - upright bass
Mike Malone - upright piano, B-3 Organ
Antoine Arvizu - drums, percussion
James Ashhurst - bass on “Freedom” and “Hillbilly Soul”
Malcolm Cross - drums on “I Could Fall”
Benj Clarke - upright bass on “I Could Fall”
Justin Burrow - electric guitar on “I Could Fall”
Lazy Brad Lewis - Dobro on “I Know You’re Gone”
Alyssandra Nighswonger - backing vocals on “I Know You’re Gone” and “I Am Not Your Man”
Molly Glynn - backing vocals on “Freedom” and “Hillbilly Soul”
Rosalyn Arvizu - backing vocals on “Hillbilly Soul”
Robin Overall - backing vocals on “I Can’t Hold Back The Tears”
Sara Wiley - backing vocals on “I Can’t Hold Back The Tears”
Matthew Wiley - electric guitar on “I Can’t Hold Back The Tears”



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Track Name: Woman Now Woman
Woman now woman, you sure done treat me wrong
Said a woman like that yeah she don’t stay around too long

This old dawg yeah he got some tricks for you
Because I’m here doesn’t mean my love is true

Come on sugar put your hands on what you need
Take me baby now I’m on my hands and knees

Call me baby when you want me come around
I said now call me baby when you want me to come around
If you want me baby well you know where I’ll be found

People now people I got something to say
I said a woman like that don’t deserve your time of day
Track Name: I Could Fall
I'm not here to add you to my number
I'm not here to let you through my wall
I've been scared to climb out of my slumber
But its possible for you I could fall

Long ago I loved like I had never
Never known the way it hurts so bad
Letting go of this might take forever
But its possible for you I could fall

Playing a game well its just a protective
Procedure to keep me from getting too hurt
I could be more than you ever imagined
If its possible for me you could fall
Track Name: Hillbilly Soul
Hey now honey feel the beat of my Hillbilly Soul
Loosy goosy like a tremble and a rattle and roll
take my hand and cut a rug until you lose a control

There's a fever as we groove by the light of the moon
Chuggin and a huggin on the dance floor the fever consume
If you ain't got moves that's okay I'ma lay down the boom
You be movin then

I got that Hillbilly Soul x 4
Hey now honey feel the beat of my Hillbilly Soul
get on wit it now

Keep on moving keep your feet flying up in the air
Chug-a-chug motion and the wind flying up in your hair
Low down thumpin of the upright and guitar blare

Hey now honey feel the beat of my Hillbilly Soul
Loosy goosy like a tremble and a rattle and roll
take my hand and cut a rug until you lose a control
Here we go ya'll
Track Name: We Are Flames
Holding on to something that we once had
Grasping for anything that is now in the past
But you know it's over, all our love has died
And the fire went out

We are flames that burned out a long long time ago
We are flames that died, I feel so paralized
We have changed
We made love we gave it our best shot, you and I
We are flames

I don't want to let go, I don't want to fight
You can say you're sorry, until you're red in the eye
There is nothing left here
We must say goodbye
Because the fire went out

Where did this go wrong
These feelings don’t belong
Do you really have to go?
One more broken dream
It makes me want to scream
Do you ever feel the same?
Baby you and I we are flames
Track Name: I'm Not Your Man
I am not your man
Still you take from me like fruit from a tree
I am not your man now set me free oh yeah

These confrontations
These allegations
I refuse to absorb but it’s not up to me
Oh my feet won’t stay on the ground
And I am not your property
And I won’t ever be

Beware of that woman
Avoid her evil ways
Go not down that corridor into the land of your dismay
We were meant to be wild and free
Break away from what keeps you down
All these shackles and chains
Track Name: I Can't Hold Back The Tears
There's nothing left
I've given you everything

I'll be on my way in just a little while
but before I go I just want to let you know

I thought we would be forever
Never thought this love would see an end
I thought you and I would be forever but it doesn't look that way
I know they say real men don't cry
But I can't hold back the tears

Where do I go
I'm lost with no destiny

I don't understand what happened to us dear
Like a flatline tone
I feel so all alone

cause I know there's still something here

I don't understand what happened to us dear
I feel so alone

cause I know there's still something here
Track Name: Freedom
Ten years underneath your thumb
Paraphrasing from a loaded gun
Ten years underneath your cold cold thumb

Projecting out of every scene
Like a movie that we’ve never seen
Ten years underneath your cold cold scene

Won’t you come knocking at my door

I’m a man with an open heart
I want to love you but its much too hard
You’re a woman with a broken cold cold heart

Pay attention not to cross this line
You’ll see it when you see my eyes
You’ll see it even through your cold cold eyes

I spent ten years underneath your thumb
Ten years and I’ve got to run
Ten years believing your lies
Ten years looking in your cold cold eyes
Track Name: I Don't Know You Now
Are you gonna be alright?
I wish that I was there to kiss you good night

Its like magic when you speak into my heart
But I can tell that you wear oh so many scars

And I don’t know you now
Baby I don’t think I ever did
And I don’t know you now
Baby I don’t think I ever will again

bend the truth for a time
At least you’re still mine

There’s a sorrow that you wear across your head
Maybe someday I can put this thing to bed


How do I go on with out you?
Where am I supposed to find the strength to ease my mind?
And I don’t want to feel this empty
I know I’ll find a way to live for another day

Track Name: I Know You're Gone
I could look into your face forever
But I can see the outlaw in your eyes

When I kissed you yesterday
I felt your heart pull away
I'll pretend I'm wrong just one more day

I know that you're leaving
and I know that you're gone
Just hold on for one more night so I can prove you wrong
With all the life that we've been through
It's hard to understand
But I know that you're leaving darling, I know
I know you're gone

Sometimes in the night I watch you sleeping
Hoping you are dreaming about me

Well I've seen it all before
but I'm trying hard to ignore
I am not the dream your heart is for